Living In The Present

She liked my post and I had to share hers with you all.

It seems we’re on different ends of the same wavelength today, she and I.

I am You. We are God.

What does living in the present really entail?

Does it mean that we neglect the influence of past events? Perhaps it means that we strictly focus on the current affairs of our lives? Living in the present requires walking a very fine line. It means we acknowledge that our past molds us, but we must not let previous engagements interfere with our current state and obstruct us from achieving what is in front of us.


The borders between the past, present, and future are tethered together. These so called time frames have a tremendous influence on one another and how we chose to live our current lives.

We are constantly shaped by not only the past, but also the future. It is easier to see how our history is intertwined with the present. We acknowledge that prior interactions have a direct impact on us and how we socialize with our…

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2 thoughts on “Living In The Present

  1. saracfry says:

    Thank you very much!

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