The “Rules”

Rule #-1 – I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, about anything, for any reason, on any day I wake up breathing.

[Codified: Well, this one’s been in force for the last 20 years or so.  Added to Who, What, Why Page: September 28, 2012.  Posted Here: October 15, 2012]

Rule #0 – This blog/site is my playground.  I make the rules.

[Posted October 8, 2012]

These rules are in order of me ‘codifying’ them for the purpose of emphasis in a post:

Rule #1 – I work for a living.

[Posted October 5, 2012]

Rule #2 – Anti-Apple comments will not be approved.

[Posted: October 8, 2012]

Rule #3 – I do not have time for this shit.

[Posted November 20, 2012]

Rule #4 – I can’t stress about that.

[Codified/Posted December 7, 2012]


2 thoughts on “The “Rules”

  1. tfaswift says:

    I like your Rule page. Very much. It’s got me thinking now … I should have one! LOL

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