Oncotype Testing:
Genomic Health

I’ve joined for those who come after me:
Army of Women
The Pink Squadron
MYA – Halfway down the page is a description of the project, although I’m doing mine through UCLA.  [Posted October 23, 2012.]

Somebody else’s breast cancer blog – diagnosed same month as me – different cancer, different treatment, different blogging style – similar sense of humor, ‘no-holds barred:’
Cancer is BS

Bark for the CURE t-shirts from Lazy Dog Cafe: All net proceeds donated to Susan G. Komen Foundation – for those who come
after me.  [Posted October 15, 2012]:

(Not-So-) Secret: Rubbing Alcohol (Isopropol Alcohol) removes Sharpie/Permanent Marker from Skin.  How did I find this out?  Well, on October 22, 2012, I went to my ROnc for my CT Simulation and Tattoos.  In addition to the unnecessary emotional stress during the visit (which I will address elsewhere), I was Not told before hand that my entire torso would be an art project – in Sharpie/Permanent Marker.  As it happens, I wore a cowl-neck shirt that day, and got to go directly to work from the doctor’s office (Please See “What Part of ‘I Work For a Living – Because I Have To’ is Unclear?“).  And, they bustled me back out of the office without any offer whatsoever of anything with which to clean up the marks they’d made.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Head over to my “ToLiveWithByJ” page to order just a few alcohol wipes to have handy for your doctor’s visits, just in case they forget you’re a person with a life outside of their office!


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