Abbreviations Legend

MOnc = Medical Oncologist = Dr. R
CSurg = Cancer Surgeon = Dr. A
RSurg = Reconstructive Surgeon = Dr. C
PTher = Physical Therapist/Therapy
ROnc = Radiation Oncologist = Dr. H
RTher = Radiation Therapist/Therapy

CFT = Cold Fucking Turkey re quitting smoking, as in no nicotine at all (no patches, no ecigs with nicotine, no gum, no nothing!)    Now, you must understand that I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for at least 20 years.  If anyone had told me before all this began that I would quit smoking cold turkey for any reason at all, I would have had that person involuntarily committed for being batshit insane (one of my new favorite phrases)!  Please see upcoming post “No, I’m Doing it for the Boobs!”

[Updated Monday, October 8, 2012]


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