General Gratitude – For Small (and Not So Small) Things That Help Me Get Through A Day


Normal range of motion.  Last night, while lying on my right side in bed, I twisted my upper body all the way around to the left to pick up something with my right hand that was essentially behind me.  A couple of months ago, after my surgeries, I couldn’t do that at all.  My body wouldn’t let me.  Now I can, and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

[Posted Wednesday November 21, 2012]


Friends who love me, if from afar, and say just the right things (and I can believe it), on a day when family has disgraced themselves in treatment of me.

Folks don’t realize that right now it takes one, One thing to knock my equilibrium – for the entire day.  I have No emotional reserve, At All.  It is taking literally Every bit of my energy to just get through what must be done: working (and not even full-time anymore because I can’t) and my medical appointments.  Just now in my life, once the day is screwed, it’s screwed – my earliest opportunity to reset that equilibrium is a good night’s sleep, maybe.  Even that doesn’t always work.  So when family decides that they can’t spare two hours in three days of vacation to see me (it is someone who doesn’t live locally and only gets to this part of the state a couple times a year) when it might be easier for me because he can’t spare the study time?  Well, my mind went straight to one of the quotes on my Quotes page: “If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.” (Originally credited to Will Smith)  So if the cousin I texted with this morning is reading this, that’s for you.

And then there are the friends who, when I make a weak joke about myself and him on FB, message me, telling me he’s walking my walk with me by reading this blog (with my other friend, his wife), says he’s silently (so as not to interrupt when it might be inconvenient) sending me healing from afar, that he is always available if I need to someone to listen, and sends me some long-distance electronic love. . .

. . . thereby rescuing my day.  Love you guys too,  “BrianX (and LindaX)!”

[Posted Monday November 19, 2012]


Song Lyrics that Speak to Me: Fuckin’ Perfect by Pink

[Posted Monday November 12, 2012]


Snowline Orchards – Apple Cider Mini Donuts

These little gems are amazing!  5 ingredients, including apple cider (freshly pressed with apples grown in that field right there) of course, fried in front of you and tossed while hot just out of the fryer with cinnamon-sugar.  Yep, so good it should be illegal – thank god it’s not!

And they’re not just good hot and fresh.  We bought a dozen (because really is a bag of six Really enough to two people?), but didn’t finish them all yesterday.  They came home and slept in a ziploc bag overnight so they wouldn’t dry out.  Then they became part of breffast this morning.  Eating them cold (well, room temperature actually – and as long as they’re still moist & fluffy) they get just the littlest bit greasy which is just so right!

[Posted Sunday October 29, 2012]


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