Yep, I’m dense too. When I was diagnosed, I was told that my cancer was slow-growing (yay!) and had probably been there for many years. I’ve had a mammogram prolly 3 years ago or so – it came out all clear, BUT in hindsight, I’m guessing the cancer was there, but missed. Wonder how things would’ve been different if it’d been caught before it was big enough for me to feel. Well, lesson learned – from now on I’m fighting for ultrasound/MRI with my mammogram, thank you very much!

The Pink Underbelly

A hefty thanks to my good friend AnneMarie over at Chemobrain for alerting me to this topic. She wrote this post about a newly minted law in New York. I’m purposefully ill-informed about such current events; I don’t watch the news and I cherry-pick which stories I follow because the local news is full of big-city sensationalism and the national news wears me out, particularly with the uptick in political/biparty bickering. When election time rolls around, I do some concentrated research on my local and national candidates, but don’t need all the buzzy asides about which congressperson is misbehaving or which serial killer is still at large or who eye-rolled whom. As my wise friend Amy Hoover says, I know about all the current events in my home, and that’s enough to keep up with.

The news of the new dense breast laws did catch my attention, though, thanks to AnneMarie…

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