SNL (1975-1980, 1985-Present): December 1-2, 2012

Who gets the reference?


[So, this morning I wake up all alone in my house.  Hubby is off doing a Z club drive and track day somewhere (to continue in the spirit of geographical vagueness) at a small airport in Riverside County.  Now, this could go on my “Things Cancer Has Screwed Me Out Of,” and it might, but honestly (as you may have noticed by the decreasing number of posts being published lately that) this fatigue business is really taking its toll.

So, Hubby is off for his day of driving fun (and please know that he tried many ways to get me to come with him – he hates it too that I can’t do everything I/we want to do right now.  He offered to wrap me up in warm blankies after breffast for the drive to the track day venue – and he Even offered to drive at the Back of the Pack so the drive would be Less exciting and I could maybe sleep during the drive between food and track day fun.  Now, for Hubby, who is a Very Talented Rider/Drive – Seriously, Please, Please Do Not follow him into the corners, ride/drive Your Own ride/drive, thank you, your cooperation is much appreciated, by you mostly 🙂 –  and who, like me, Really Likes a good exciting ride/drive – That is True Love!).

Well, it might not be to you, but it made me feel loved, and since this is my blog and my world to create – that’s what matters.  Along with the fact that Hubby mentioned when I go to the next one we’ll have to ask the kind club member who arranged for food to please make sure there is some available without barbecue sauce (I have a pre-diabetic condition that I’ve control by diet for 25 years now), and then mentioned that we could have stripped the skin of f a chicken breast and reasonably gotten me fed even today if I had gone.

Unfortunately a 12+ hour day with lots of movement and excitement on a Saturday is not on my agenda just now.  But a day to myself all alone in my house is.  :-)]

– coffee
– managing email (filing, handling to-do’s contained therein, etc.)

[I’m kind of embarrassed about how long it’s been since I curated my email properly, so I’m not gonna tell ya – let’s just say it predates my cancer diagnosis (by a fair timeframe), so I’ve got a lot of ignored/collected email to deal with – in multiple accounts because I’m an information organizer – fun.

The good news is that I’ve processed this cancer thing enough, or gotten through enough of the treatment for it, or just plain got bored enough with it – to want to exert some control over parts of my life where I may still have some (for me, that’s a good thing), and it’s manifesting as wanting to get my email back under deliberate control – one mailbox at a time.]

– brunch

[If you’ve been reading  me, you know weekend brunch is a thing with me.  Just because I’m alone doesn’t mean I don’t get brunch.  After all, I can cook, and today I only hafta cook for myself – no figuring out if we both want the same thing, and if not, figuring how we both get what we want, and who cooks it and who does the dishes . . . and all that shit.


Egg in the Basket (which I’ve been calling “toad in the hole” even though the British version of toad in the hole is a different dish entirely)
– leftover chicken & apple sausage
– cheesy hash browns from the freezer]

– more email management

[Then 4:00 pm hit and I was suddenly tired – ‘course I’d only been staring at my computer and making decisions since about 8:00 am (with a short break for cooking breffast and another one for heading down to grab a mid-afternoon snack), and the brain is one of the most energy-hungry organs in the body, so no wonder I was tired.]

– reading in bed
– eating dinner after listening to Hubby recount his day


– coffee
– nap (a nap day is Always better than a non-nap day)
– brunch w/ Hubby

[Today He wanted what I’ve been calling Toad in the Hole, and he laughed when I said I’d had it yesterday!  But I made him some, and I was back to protein to eat before waffles (Hubby had gotten me some fruit-juice-sweetened, gluten-free ones and we were both wanting to see how they tasted).

I cooked breakfast for us both (just plain fried eggs and a couple small round brown-n-serve sausages for me), then I made um, breakfast dessert?  Second breakfast?  Dunno what to call it exactly – I had my breffast in courses this day, so it was time for the second course – waffles.  Hubby only wanted a bite to taste them and I ate the rest . . . of two waffles . . . liberally coated with both melted butter and maple syrup.  I must say, they were a really good, plain carrier for the butter and sweetness tastes that were the main attraction.]

– made applesauce

[Yeah, from scratch again.  If you’re reading me, you know I love my trips to Oak Glen (search this blog for that phrase/name).  And I was under obligation to make applesauce to be ready no later than December 11th of this year.  But that’s my own fault.  You see, last year a work colleague volunteered to make latkes to bring to the office to celebrate Chanukah.  Having so fallen in love with Oak Glen and its bounty of apples, I volunteered to make applesauce to accompany the latkes.  I made a batch of applesauce this big.  I came home with an inch of applesauce left in the bottom of the container.

So a week ago (she knew I had gone to Oak Glen multiple times this year and had bought plenty of apples), my work colleague (same one as last year) tells our office manager (right in front of both of our desks) “We’ll be celebrating Chanukah here in the office on Monday, December 11th, with latkes And Applesauce . . . (now looking my way) And Applesauce.”  To which I replied, “Yes, Ma’am, I’ll make applesauce.”

Oh, and Hubby’s been sending me recipes over the last month or two (every since we started our annual multi-day pilgrimage to Oak Glen), and every other one uses applesauce – yes, he’s hinting Broadly!

I do admit it’s my own fault, I did it to myself.  But, I could do worse things to myself than to cook things that other people request again year after year, eh?]

– hanging with Hubby, watching TV for a bit
– dinner with Hubby, watching Copper off the DVR

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SNL (1975-1980, 1985-Present): November 17-18, 2012

Who gets the reference?


– coffee
– vaping with Hubby, hanging out, feeling not too bad
– delicious brunch cooked by Hubby
– napping – yep, 3 hours . . . gone
– knitting
– dinner


– coffee
– did dishes, ran dishwasher
– brunch, cooked by me

[I actually had enough energy to accomplish something meaningful – you know, like feeding myself and Hubby from-scratch cooked food – sausage patties & toad-in-the-hole for Hubby, and well my first course was fried eggs and sausage patties, otherwise known as the appetizer to “something to have Apple Blossom Honey or maple syrup on.”  Yep, again.  More buttered waffles – this time one with Apple Blossom Honey and one with Maple Syrup.  Uh-huh, I went there, I did.]

– checking out FB

[So, a friend of mine posted something on FB about medical “hemp.”  And a friend of his commented something about (I’m paraphrasing here) a doctor friend of hers who practices here in the US, who advises his cancer patients going through radiation (on the QT mind you) to get some medical “hemp” to help with side effects during this type of treatment.  Reading that reminded me of something – namely that when first diagnosed, I went out and got myself a “green card” figuring I had no idea if I would be interested in using “hemp” at any point during my treatment, but if I did then the whole getting the card business would be taken care of.

And a week  later or so, I found myself with 15 minutes or so to spare before, well at that time a chiropractic appointment for injuries suffered in a car accident the week before my cancer diagnosis (it’s been a great year), and in front of a collective, so I decided to stop in.

Bottom line, after reading this post & comment on FB, I realized I had something useful in the garage fridge.  One of the forms I had availed myself of is a tincture.  Now, from previous experience with varieties of “hemp,” I know I’m a lightweight, and throughout my life it has always made me nauseous.  So, in previous experiments, I’ve found edibles easier to balance desired effects vs. unwanted effects.

Well, it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m hurting, what the hell, let’s experiment.  Being cautious I started with one drop – yes, one drop of tincture.  And took half a pain pill (5).]

– read in bed, dozed, relaxed – decided after a couple hours of this I had to get up and do something or I wouldn’t sleep that night and that would be bad – but I didn’t hurt anymore 🙂
– did some laundry
– dinner with Hubby

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SNL (1975-1980, 1985-Present): November 10-11, 2012

Who gets the reference?


– coffee
– napping

[When I say napping, I was back asleep by 7am and slept until 12:30 pm (after sleeping from 10pm Friday night to 6am Saturday morning).  Now, I’m usually a two-hour napper (the 20-minute power nap never did anything for me), but 5-1/2 hours?  I think the fatigue is here, at least for the moment.  So far, I’m making it through my workweek before collapsing.  We’ll see how long I can continue to do that before I can’t.]

– lunch
– watching TV off DVR in bed
Ways for dinner (we do a 4-way in our house) with Gold Star Chili while watching something off the DVR
– then back up to bed


– coffee
– watching Firefly marathon on TV in bed (not sure I caught the very beginning of it this morning – might hafta start over at the very begining on Netflix through my Apple TV)
– brunch (picked up by Hubby and brought home to me from our local Denny’s)

[Otherwise known as “something to have Apple Blossom Honey or maple syrup on.”  This seems to be a comfort-food weekend thing.  But, I figure if I’m not gaining weight (which, after quitting smoking CFT 76 days ago, that I’m not is a miracle in itself), I figure my body can use the extra calories to repair the damage caused by the necessary radiation therapy.  So when Hubby asked what I wanted for breakfast, my answer was one of the following three items: waffle, pancake, french toast – and some protein to go with it.]

– blogging
– made cranberry sauce

[Yup, homemade, from scratch, and all that stuff.  Seriously this stuff is easy, put it in a pot, cook for 45 minutes, stirring & mashing up every 15 or so, then cool & eat.  The most time-consuming part is cutting up the oranges.]

– watching more Firefly marathon on TV with Hubby
– dinner

[So, when I got the stuff to make cranberry sauce, I also picked up a turkey breast and a couple turkey thighs.  I made a triple batch of sauce this year because a couple months ago I had 1 cup left over from last year’s batch which got defrosted and eaten over my morning yogurt on two mornings and it was damn good!  So I figured cranberry sauce is Not just for Thanksgiving (and neither is a turkey sammich with mayo on one side and cranberry sauce on the other Only for the Day After), so I made a triple batch and bought some turkey to go with it.  Hubby picked up that gauntlet and made the yummiest dinner: turkey, garlic mashed potatoes (nuked from frozen), brussel sprouts (also nuked from frozen), and pan-drippings gravy, with my cranberry sauce.  Happy tummy!]

So things were going pretty well, I wasn’t really feeling caught up on rest, but Monday morning was nearly nigh and I’d go for it anyway, until…

I called my Dad (like I do with both folks every – or as nearly as possible – day): See “My Last Anchor to Childhood – And My First Ativan.”

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